In a competitive marketplace, your name says it all. At USS, we make sure that the words and designs printed on your product create an appealing, superior-quality image that attracts your ultimate buyer.

Today's top cosmetic and toiletry companies trust USS to bring their product names and designs to life. Backed by more than 45 years of experience, USS is the reliable expert in the glass decorating industry.

We provide quality screen-printing, masking, acid-etch frosting, spray coating or any variety thereof on any size, shape and style of container - whether it's round, flat, oval, 3.75ml to 1 liter. USS uses only the highest quality, environmentally safe ink and paint materials. Our durable and long-lasting ceramic ink process permanently fuses into glass at high temperatures to bring out the bright, glossy color and remain vibrant forever while our organic and epoxy inks and coatings provide an infinite color palette to insure exact color-matching. With USS, you're assured the industry's highest quality and quickest turn-around at competitive prices.

For more information email us at through our contact page or call Carlos Matos at (973) 242-1110 EXT 214.

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